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“Access to great healthcare shouldn’t depend on where you work.”

~ Mark Tyler (Founder, Compass Benefits Group)

Chart A Better Business Path

Compass Benefits Group is a healthcare change catalyst that’s reengineering the way employers, just like you, think about benefit plans.

We’re Michigan’s premier Benefits Advisory Firm focusing on building and maintaining relationships with companies that refuse to settle on anything less but the best for their employees.

From expert advising to implementing your entire company’s benefits plan, we’ll help you take care of the people – that take care of you.

Benefits Advisory Firm For The New Era

  • Identify untapped value-creation opportunities within your current plan and turn it into a competitive advantage (instead of an employee recruitment and retention hinderance)
  • Abolish the myth that runaway healthcare costs can’t be controlled
    Discover powerful and proven tools and tactics that can change your employees’ lives
  • Locate and liberate profits trapped inside your current plan
  • Empower your employees to lead healthier, richer, happier lives by providing affordable, high-quality care

If your current agent isn’t bringing strategies to help you accomplish these things – we will.

Charting Better Benefits Paths

At Compass, we’ve simply found a better way for employers, just like you, to purchase their health insurance. We don’t just mess around with plan designs or meddle with deductibles. We actually create a customized, multi-year benefits map for you to follow and use as a guide along your journey.

Strength In Numbers

Our Coalitions combine like-minded companies together to form a pool that is large enough to mimic the buying techniques of some of the largest companies in the country. The members of our coalitions gain the advantages of buying as a group, yet still retain their individual plan design. As a result, many clients save an average of 10-15% from their fully funded premium.

Earn Back Unused Premiums

How many insurance companies do you know that actually gives back unused premium dollars? Our coalition model returns these funds directly to our members – which amounted to a 16% reduction in medical cost (year one) with an improved benefits plan. Has your current agent ever told you about this?

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