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MARK TYLER – Partner & Senior Benefits Advisor

Mark’s success can be attributed to his innovative work in re-engineering major healthcare plans based on value, transparency and quality of care. His 30-year career–working on both the agency and company side of healthcare–has given him the industry insight and competitive edge to pioneer what’s come to be known as the ‘new era of benefits advising’ which puts the client first, and focuses on bringing consumerism back to the health insurance market. He is in the fortunate position to work solely with handpicked companies who understand the current healthcare benefits trend to compress profit margins is unsustainable for the business’ long term viability; and those who insist on providing the best care for their employees.

Professional Achievements:

  • Founded what would evolve into Compass Benefits Group in 1997
  • Decades of experience helping companies choose the best healthcare
  • BA – Michigan State University
  • Graduate Studies – Assumption College
  • Guest Lecturer on “The Future of Healthcare” – Harvard University
  • Appointed to the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Agent Advisory Board
  • Winner of the Presidents Club
  • Board of Directors – Oak Pointe Marina
  • President – Oak Pointe Hills H.O.A.
  • Parish Council Alumni – St. Fabian Catholic Church

Fun Personal Facts:

For some reason beyond most human comprehension, Mark enjoys 20+ mile rides on his bicycle. Much more easy to comprehend, he also enjoys spending time with his wife, traveling, golfing, and spending winters in Siesta Key Beach, reading, woodworking, and the occasional nip of Grey Goose Vodka.


MICHAEL D. LUTZ II – Partner & Benefits Advisor

Michael’s fierce work ethic and relentless passion to provide the best healthcare benefits solutions for clients stems from his decades of manufacturing experience where he witnessed first-hand blue-collar workers’ benefits being drastically reduced (with the cost shifting back to the employees), and raises eaten up by increasing healthcare benefits. That’s when he decided he could no longer sit idly by, and instead became part of the movement to change the healthcare industry by introducing innovative tech solutions (currently side-stepped by most ‘status quo’ brokers) that streamlines processes, reduces time, and increases profitability. His mission is to wake up, educate, and improve the healthcare industry as a whole, one client at a time.

Professional Achievements:

  • Made Partner of Compass Benefits Group in 2017
  • Certification – School of Industrial and Labor Relations: Cornell University
  • Over two decades as an entrepreneur
  • Government Benefits Advisor to Congressman Mike Bishop
  • Member – NextGen Mastermind Partnership Network
  • Founding member – Association of Insurance Leadership
  • Home construction volunteer – Habitat for Humanity
  • Ministry Member – St. Mary’s – Provides fresh water to Haiti communities in need

Speaking Engagements:

  • Michigan HealthCare Mastermind with David Contorno (Livonia, MI – 2018)
  • Michigan C-Suite Executive Healthcare Roundtable with David Contorno (Farmington Hills, MI – 2019)
  • Advisors of Tomorrow LIVE (Chicago, IL – 2019)
  • World Healthcare Congress (Washington, D.C. – 2019)

Fun Personal Facts:

Michael loves reading, canoeing, the All Day IPA from Founders Brewing, and all things ‘Country’. He has a passion for cooking that’s equalled only by his passion for eating, evident by the motto he lives by, “eat like nobody’s watching.” His love for his wife and six children is a testament to his other life motto, “find something you’re good at and do it as often as possible.”


MATTHEW D. LUTZ – Marketing Director

The better looking and more charming of the Lutz brothers, Matthew has been trusted with the responsibility of writing the marketing copy for Compass Benefits Group. A responsibility he takes very seriously. When not taking tiny jabs at his older brother, Michael, Matthew consumes himself with analyzing, processing, and distilling the overly complex benefits and healthcare plan gibberish into something that makes sense at a glance. He understands clients simply want to know what path to take, not how to build a compass.

Professional Achievements:

  • BFA – College of Creative Studies
  • MA – University College Dublin
  • 15+ years immersed in Marketing & Advertising
  • Board of Directors – Believe in Youth

Fun Personal Facts:

Matthew has directed and co-produced a feature-length documentary (if you want a free copy of the film, just ask!), has recently written a comedy pilot, has three kids, a wife who clearly married down, and has recently fallen madly in love with McClure Pickles (please don’t tell his aforementioned wife).

GRACIE LUTZ – Executive Assistant

Gracie is the perfect cocktail of air traffic controller, castle-guarding knight, and stand-up comedian sniper. She selflessly supports the executive team, masterfully manages incoming and outgoing communications, proactively organizes our calendars to keep us on time and on task, and yet somehow manages to sneak in a joke and laugh at every opportunity.

Fun Personal Facts:

Gracie is the second oldest from a wild pack of six siblings, has a creative and wild spirit, and drives a vintage fire engine red Volvo (named Sammy) that comes to a screeching halt at any and all Culver’s Butterburger location.

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